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Ag Chemical Rain-fast Time and Storage Temps



Bob Nielsen’s website at Purdue.  Good information for corn growers.  Has links to many other sources, including most Midwest universities research and newsletters.



Purdue Pest and Crop Newsletter.  Published weekly during the growing season to provide timely information on insects, diseases, weeds and heat units.



Purdue’s weed science department.  This has the Weed Control Guide , written in conjunction with OSU, a weed control selector, and other useful tools and information.



Avoid chemical mixing messes with this App for your smartphone.  This tool from Precision Labs tells you the correct mixing order for your pesticides and adjuvants.



Ohio State University agronomic crops website.  C.O.R.N. newsletter, plus research and extension information



Product Rate and Usage Charts

Herbicide Products for use on SOYBEANS and Foliar Applied Fungicides

Herbicide Products for use on CORN and Granular Soil Insecticide Products for CORN

Liquid Insecticides and Foliar Fertilizer/Additives and Surfactants and Utility Products