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KOVA of OhioExperience, knowledge and a ready team anchor KOVA of Ohio as this statewide, wholesale distributor of crop protection products and services cares for its diverse customer base. From cooperatives to independent producers, KOVA of Ohio is a solid provider of wholesale agricultural products.

KOVA of Ohio understands well inventory management, logistics, distribution, procurement as well as the economics of the crop protection business and they make it count for their customers. Responsible efficiencies make them effective in serving customers on time, on site and year after year.

Dedicated to Ohio agriculture, KOVA of Ohio bases its business on service. They demand service from their manufacturers and deliver it to their customers. Through their broad network of resources, they are able to provide customers with ideas and solutions that help their customers enhance their opportunities. Working together and sharing knowledge makes KOVA of Ohio an invaluable resource to each customer.

KOVA of Ohio maintains a significant proportion of each of their customers’ business. Overtime, they’ve built their business on that solid customer demand. It’s that demand that’s built the business to further expanse and reaches. Now, maintaining a significant leadership and market penetration position in Ohio, they have both the attention and respect of manufacturers.

As times change, demands for products and services have changed as well. KOVA of Ohio has withstood the tests of time. For more than 25 years, they have adapted to and developed efficiencies of scale that best benefit their customers. Unique to KOVA of Ohio, many of their employees have nearly two decades of tenure with KOVA of OHIO – a unique and exceptional benchmark in today’s agribusiness environment. That’s a staff that’s ready for every challenge, ready to reach out to satisfy needs and exceed expectations.

Uniquely equipped to serve their customers, KOVA of Ohio is a member of the KOVA Ag Team. In addition to providing sales and support services to the KOVA Ag Team, they share this deep network of resources including seed, financing, risk management and crop input products and services with customers as a member of the KOVA Ag Team.


“Our customers can count on us. We’re honest, we live up to our word and we’re there with the service they need when they need it.”
Mike Erwin, General Manager