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Mission and Values

KOVA Ag Team

TRUST – We understand the value of trust. We are the KOVA Agribusiness Team (KAT) – a family of agricultural supply and support inputs critical to every farm operation. We know that trust is critical to every decision you make in this industry and in the culture of agriculture.

We value the success and profitability of your family, your operation. That’s important to us because we too are a family-based business. Founded in 1935 by Nick Reed, the tenets of trust, family and reliability anchor this team of agribusiness companies. We offer a range of agricultural input services to support and sustain your operation’s profitability today and into the next generation.


Our purpose is to express our passion for agriculture. Experience, commitment and focus give us strength in the marketplace. Sharing our strengths with our customers and employees leads to mutual success.


Agriculture Focused: Our efforts focus on agriculture, allowing KOVA to effectively utilize our resources, knowledge and experience to best benefit our customers.

Committed: At KOVA, we keep our promises to our customers, employees and suppliers. We are committed to their success.

Family Values: We treat our employees and customers as family.

Passionate: Desire for success is only exceeded by our commitment. At KOVA we are dedicated to our persistent drive for excellence.

Customer Centered: Our customers comes first in our efforts; in time, energy, products, services, and safety.

Endurance: Since 1935, KOVA has sustained, endured, and adapted to change and challenge through generations. We remain committed to the potential and future agricultural generations.

Honest: We desire and strive to be open and straight forward in all relationships. At KOVA, we believe honesty is the foundation of trust, trust the foundation for good agribusiness.

Respectful: Business relations are developed and sustained with a desire to satisfy needs and exceed expectations ethically and professionally.